That apple

It being Lent, our local vicar, who’s quite cool, and recently took part in the TV show, ‘Come Dine with Me’, put a long post on facebook. The first paragraph made reference to ‘Eve eating of the tree of good and evil’, and I got no further.

Since childhood, I’ve heard and read the story, or references to it, countless times, but this morning, the thought of ‘Eve’ taking those first brave steps out of ignorance, raised her in my imagination as a sculpture or stained glass window, lifting that symbolic apple high in triumph, turning her back on the blinding light – making a halo of it, her vision newly focussed, young face full of epiphany.

‘Adam’, meanwhile, cringed and wrung his hands in angst. Ever since, he’s been trying to suppress and control that precocious woman.

Don’t get me wrong, although often mystified by their behaviour, I like men, but I’m so happy to be a daughter of Eve. I love my woman’s body, that I grew babies in it, that my female mind looks for subtle solutions, not bloody conflict, and I remember a day back in my twenties probably, when I had an epiphany, that my actions were powerful, that they had repercussions, and I had to be careful. I’m not saying I’ve always been careful – far from it – I’ve had my moments of true madness, but that epiphany gave me a strong sense of independence, even though my yin always felt better nestled against a yang. The one without the other becomes tear-shaped – together they are a complete apple.

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2 Responses to That apple

  1. Laine February 18, 2013 at 11:59 am #

    tear shaped, what a beautiful observation.

  2. rog February 18, 2013 at 10:51 pm #

    All very interesting, but you still have no sense of direction and can’t reads maps and need us men to guide you through the alleyways of life. 🙂

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