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January 9th

A blue sky, the low sun forcing me to shade my eyes. I take the high path, the river walk being bog. At the lake, I see that the curve of the fountain’s spurt mimics that of the swan’s neck and the squirrel’s tail. Near the tennis courts, my dog finds a lost ball.



January 29

Tuesdays is deadline day for my newspaper column.  I write about forthcoming village events, local issues etc. Today I forgot to tell the story about the barefoot woman in the park who I saw in the water trying to catch a swan. The parkkeeper left a ramp overnight for it, to no avail. The swan was the same one I saw last week on land with others in the snow.  A shelduck was sitting on its head bullying it.  The keeper and I looked on as the woman cornered and caught the swan. She passed it up the steep bricked bank onto the paving.  It waddled off and joined some others nearby plucking at the grass. I said her feet must be freezing. She said she couldn’t feel them anyway – she had MS.