Politics and ping-pong

February 1

After meeting Ed Balls, the Shadow Chancellor, yesterday when he visited Dover, many thoughts I have about the town began to crystalise. But more than regeneration, employment, education – all the usual concerns and subjects, I started thinking how disconnected our whole system of government is between local and Parliament.  They should do away with parties and just have MPs. Having general elections every four years is actually counter-productive. Too many projects that the outgoing party have begun get rubbished and all the money spent on them wasted, as the incoming party wipe the slate and start again. There’s no continuity.

Meanwhile, I dreamt of being in a modern detached house on a steep bank. A huge torrent of muddy water came, causing a landslide, taking the house with it. I sat in the front window with others as we were swept down and along the road with other houses.

Later, I rather enjoyed walking the dog in the pouring rain, safe under a big golfing umbrella. In magpie mood, I brought home a heart-shaped piece of chalk, and a large piece of heavy bark, washed up at the base of a waterfall.

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