Comedy Relief

It’s ‘Red Nose day’ or ‘Comic Relief’ – bombardment on the conscience – all that contrast between our ‘celebrities’ entertaining us, and images of sick and suffering humans elsewhere – somewhere – a long way from my and your sofa, our kitchens, however worn, or short of aspirations.

It’s weird that I’ve spent more in this last week on my dog’s unidentified infection in his pee-pipe than the money needed to inoculate ten or more children in some forsaken village on another continent, to save their lives.

When I think about life, I think of a random thing that enters at fertilisation or conception, the other part of life – not the physical. I think that it was completely random that I entered a life in a Western, middle-class womb, and not one in Uganda or wherever, and of course, I am thankful. And I don’t want to get all political, but it is all down to that, because we developed a society that protected the starving and diseased.

It’s weird too to find with all this DNA research recently, that we, with our white skins and tiled bathrooms come out of Africa – from the original pool – polluted, muddy puddle that it is.

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