A hunch it was him

February 4

The news is full of stories about gay marriage. There are so many narrow-minded people in ‘power’. There’s nothing wrong in gay couples getting married and it could be more sincere than a lot of heterosexual marriages, which are often made for money, security, escape from home or country. Some men buy brides as no more than domestic slaves. That’s okay is it? I’ve known some truly committed gay couples, who have been absolutely charming to be with – the kind where you bask in the glow of the love and good companionship they give one another.

Meanwhile Richard III’s remains are confirmed. They run stories about his fatal wounds, sounding sympathetic. Unpleasantly, there is evidence of a dagger being thrust up his anus – just like¬†Muammar al-Gaddafi then – not a lot changes in the brutal human heart.

There’s to be a presentation at Crabble Corn Mill on Wednesday. I’ve been helping to clean and tidy it in preparation. One other volunteer is particularly hostile towards me. My dog knows, and barks at him.

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